Strong Women Raise Strong Girls

by - March 08, 2018

Growing up I was always very sure of myself and I liked what I wanted to like. I had a huge collection of Barbies that got the same amount of attention as my Hot Wheels or Lego collections got. I didn't believe in "boy colors" and "girl colors" or "boy toys" and "girl toys." I was happy with a mix of everything. I'm so grateful to have been able to experience that. I think it's shaped me into the open and accepting person I am today, and I think it's prepared me for the amazing journey I'm now on of raising part of the next generation.

It saddens me that to this day there are people that will limit what their children can play with or show interest in because of  outdated gender roles. Especially in the cloth diaper community, I see comments so often along the lines of "I wish that diaper wasn't so girly" and "I can't buy that diaper in case I have a girl." Y'all. We can do better than that. Don't limit your children to their private parts. There's not something innate in your daughter telling her she can't like robots. You're instilling that in her. Your son isn't born with a distaste for everything soft and pretty. You teach him that.

I'm proud that I can raise my daughter to be a strong girl and eventually a strong woman. I can teach her about the amazing women that have shaped the world we live in and that are continuing to shape the future. I can remind her everyday that she can be anything she wants to be. She will always know that she can play with any toy she finds. She can wear any clothes she likes whether they're labeled "boy" or "girl" at the store. She can play with dinosaurs, superheroes, and race cars, but also turn around and play with baby dolls and princesses. She can rock a floral diaper like nobody's business then get changed into a dinosaur print and look just as awesome. 

I'm happy that my daughter gets the opportunity to grow up in a time where days like today, International Women's Day, are widely acknowledged and celebrated.We are in the middle of Women's History Month! March is an entire month dedicated to strong women that I pray my daughter will learn from and aspire to be like! 

Please take the time to celebrate this day and this month with your children. Whether you have daughters or sons, this is a great learning opportunity for everyone. And chances are, if you're anything like me, you'll quickly discover some amazing women you hadn't even heard of yet!

If you don't know where to start I've linked a few books on Amazon that I think are fantastic.The first 3 are geared towards younger children, and Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls is a little more advanced, but I enjoy reading it for myself, and I know Vivi will be able to appreciate it before long.
(These are affiliate links. If you purchase through them my blog gets a small kickback so I can keep trying out diaper related products and sharing with you!)

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