How to Get New Diapers for Cheap

by - February 25, 2018

Did you know, it's entirely possible to cloth diaper with brand new diapers while never paying full price? There are so many retailers online that regularly offer sales, giveaways, and rewards programs to save you money! With careful planning you can easily build your stash at a steep discount!

First I want to highlight the two biggest sales days every year. Black Friday and Earth Day are HUGE. Almost every cloth diaper brand will be on sale at various discounts, with many at 20% off or higher. If you can wait for either of those days to build your stash you'll score some of the highest discounts ever available.

Another way you can save money that can even stack with sale prices is by signing up for retailers' rewards programs. Most online retailers will reward you for shopping with them. You can earn points for each dollar you spend, and once you've stockpiled enough you can trade them in for savings on another order. The retailers you use most will depend on the brands of diapers you use, but some of the best I've found are Water Lilies Boutique, Diaper Junction, Abby's Lane, and Nicki's Diapers.

If you have a following online to share links with you can sign up for referral and affiliate programs with different retailers. Any orders placed through your personalized link will earn you credit towards that retailer. Not every retailer offers these programs, but you can check with your favorites and many will have pages with affiliate information.
Affiliate links aren't just limited to cloth diaper retailers. If you've got a blog or YouTube channel you may be eligible to become an Amazon or Target affiliate, which means you can recommend practically anything and receive a small cash kickback if someone purchases through your link.

Easily the most fun way to try to build your stash and try out different diapers is by entering giveaways. There are new giveaways going on nearly every day. You just have to learn where to look. I find most through Facebook and Instagram. Follow all of the brands and retailers you're interested in and keep an eye out. Several pages have a giveaway each week on a certain day. I try to remember to enter those each week, and check occasionally for the more random ones. I also strongly suggest finding some cloth diapering friends so you can tag each other when you find giveaways. This helps you both have a better chance at seeing more giveaways PLUS tagging friends also often gets you a bonus entry!

I hope this has given you some ideas to help you stock up for less!
Have you discovered any other money-saving secrets? I'd love to hear about them in the comments!

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